LIFEくんLive with Friends on the Earth (LIFE) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a recognized Non-Profit Organization (NPO) based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to create a peaceful and comfortable society and to grow a rich and balanced natural environment, through sustainable and responsible activities.




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Live with Friends on the Earth (LIFE) has been working in India and Indonesia since 1986 to achieve improvement of living in rural areas of these countries. We also have projects in Japan to promote understanding of “international cooperation” and what people can do to help people in need.

Our View

Our view on international cooperation is unique, as we set it our priority to make use of human and natural resources that are already available in the area, instead of merely bringing resources from Japan.We believe that in order to achieve independent and sustainable development people living in the targeted area need to participate in the process of resolving various existing problems and issues. Therefore, it is important for us to maximize the capacity of local individuals with necessary knowledge and skills, so that they can come up with their own solutions.


Our Method: Water, Greenery and Human Development

In rural areas of India and Indonesia, where we carry out our projects, people have limited access to economic opportunities.LIFE helps to improve well-being of those people in need, through our “Water, Greenery and Human Development” method that focuses on human and natural resources available in these areas.


Water is essential for our life. Access to fresh drinking water is fundamental to maintain healthy life. Water is also necessary for agricultural production: it grows crops and produces income for farmers in rural areas.

  • Building water wells and water tanks
  • Building, managing and repairing irrigation structure
  • Watershed development


ReforestationTrees store moisture/water and nutrition in soil and forests become a place of rich biodiversity, while at the same time they take up greenhouse gases and produce oxygen for the lives of the Earth. We are now witnessing serious effects of the global warming, as forests are lost all over the world. Thus, it is important to promote sustainable agricultural methods, such as use and improvement of traditional/local techniques or organic farming.

  • Training on organic farming, agroforestry, or chemical-free pesticides
  • Conducting researches on new production methods suitable for each community


Human Development
Providing various training to community leaders or local NGO staffs to take initiatives in our projects and sustain their effects.In order to create a peaceful and comfortable society and conserve our environment, we need active participation of the local community and individuals who carry on our projects with us.

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Microcredit projects for women to produce their income


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